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Heads Up! A few months back I had gotten a letter from a young lady in Utah (I think it was) I am very sorry to say I can not find the letter, and did not write down your number or address yet. I am still hunting that letter. But please write or e-mail me again, I have some info you need to know. To everyone else if you ride or know a lady that does, I really want to hear from you. There is something in the works that every female bull rider needs to know about. Keep riding ladys!        Jocelyn M.

Lady Line Up
Beauty and the Beast Rodeo, thank to the WRF

Ok here I am back again, I thought it was time to change it up a bit. My name is Jocelyn Martin, and I am I retired bull rider. The sport of bull riding is still however a big part of my life. And here in NE Oklahome rodeo is every where. I'm here to try and help ladys and fans get the info they need on the female side of bull riding. This is not a girl only club, I came up with the site name after countless searchs pulling up only part of what I was looking for.
When I started riding bulls I thought I was the only in the state, and felt like I was the only one, the end. Now anyone else who thinks that, can read this and know you are not alone

We Are Timeless!
Tad Lucas, one of my heros

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Hit the drit, Get the dirt New news! Find out where the ladys will be in july.

Womens Roughstock Foundation
Who are they? What are they here for?
you can e-mail them at womensroughstock@yahoo.com and visit their page on this site


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God Bless Rodeo!

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