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Women Bull Riders Only

Ladys Down Under
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Australian Bull Riding - Cowgirl Style

Here are a few of the Aussie ladys, and what I can tell you about them.
First off is Taylor Jenkinson, her brother e-mailed me a while back with a few pics and a little about her. After her older brother Mick Godwin broke his neck, putting him in a wheel chair {not from the bulls} he gave his gear to Taylor. Mick told me it was the only way he could have given it up. She started at 14 1/2, and has taken to the sport. Taylor lives in Queensland AU.
Tamika seems to be one of thoughs girls that is always laughing. She love her horse, and rodeo as a whole. Not only does she ride bulls, but runs barrels, and has done a little bronce stomping too. Tamika is also from Queensland AU.
Then there is Carmel Newson, Carmel fall under the classic told she couldn't so she did. She is all country, and all cowgirl. The typ you call on when there is work to do, or a good time to be had. She rides in ABCRA, Camden Society Asso, and any where else she takes a likeing to. CArmel lives in N.S.W, Australia
Well that does it for now...
See photos to the right

Taylor Jenkinson
Getting it done down under

Taylor J.

Taylor J.

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Tamika and her horse Nix

Carmel Newson
her and her dog after a mustern

Are you or one of your friends an Aussie Cowgirl? If so send any info you would like to share to or post marked to
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