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Women Bull Riders Only

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I am going to put News Letters and other up dates on the WRF here, at leats until they get there own site. E-mailing them is the best way to find out about up comeing rodeos.

E-mail the WRF @ Tell them where you got the address.

There is a news letter, but I can get in on here at this time. Your best bet is to e-mail the WRF.

A letter from the WRF
Since the Wild West shows of the late 1800's to the All Women's Rodeos of the late 1940's

 there have always been women in rodeo and there have always been rough stock riders.
   As the years have passed, the focus of women in rodeo has narrowed to barrel racing as the
 most available and visible event.
     The Women's Roughstock Foundation is dedicated to keeping the roughstock tradition alive.
 We are a small group of female bull riders who have been working hard on behalf of girls who ride. 
 We have put a lot of effort into contacting girls around the country.
     There are many girls out there of various ages and backgrounds, who ride bulls and bare back.
Many with great skill.  Some have been riding for years others are just starting.  We are riding in
WPRA shows, junior shows, jack pots, open shows and some men's pro shows that have been
willing to host female riders or a women's section.  However, they are widespread and inconsistent.  We are encouraging an increasing number of these girls to come together in an effort to be taken more seriously in the sport.
      The WPRA has been an entity that has kept the opportunity open for girls to compete.  But,
for them, rough stock is far from a priority.
       Girls use the same equipment as the men and ride ONE HANDED for 8 seconds ( unless specified
differently by the producer or organization presenting the show)  There are some talented girls out
there; the average rider, that  I know, rides as well as her open show male counterpart and some better than that.  We are concerned with supporting young girls' interest in riding as well.  We hope to put them in contact with good training positive about girls riding, and would like to see deserving girls be able to ride on their high school and college teams.
       We are, in no way, trying to say that female pro riders are EQUAL to pro male riders, mainly because most girls lack the experience of the consistent competition. Therefore, at this time, we cannot make that statement.  However, with the right strength to weight ratio, good technique, training and consistent
competition; who's to say that some may not make it there in the near future.  If a girl shows
 promising skill, has the heart, physical constitution and willingness to put in the work; why make
her want to quit?
        We have been working to get more girls riding together and to find a consistent venue in
which they will be required and able to prove themselves as skilled riders, but will be treated FAIRLY.
We hope to reduce instances in which female riders are made to look foolish.  We realize that to do this we need to be out there, seen riding, so contractors can become more familiar with our skill.
(which often means sharing the stage with the men in a women's section)
        The talent is out there; the good organization is not.  This is what we hope to accomplish. 
We are not banner waving revolutionaries nor agents or promoters.  We receive no money for
finding shows and getting girls there.  We just want to keep ourselves and other girls riding:
with the hope of future progress.
        Our goal is to get girls more organized, put them in touch with each other, find shows willing
to share the stage and host girls, and create ways to raise money to aid the efforts of female riders,
no matter where they are riding.
         We hope to finally receive the recognition and support we deserve and keep the Lady Bull Rider

  Many of you may have spoken with me or Jay. We and a few other girls have been working very hard on bahalf of female roughstock riders.  we are lady bull riders.  Some of us have been riding for many years.  We have been doing our best to get girls organized, find shows, create ways to raise money and find people who are willing to support us.
  At this point we have gone so far as to apply for a game show.  Lorett, Jamie, Kelly and DeeDee have an application in with Deal or NO Deal.  However, I, Lorett, have recently found that it may take 2 to 8 months for them to contact us for a callback.  In the meantime, something I have been researching for a while, I am trying to see if we can get a government grant.  I will need the cooperation of as many girls as possible.  If you could, please e-mail or with your name, age, state in which you live , and the kind of shows in which you compete( jack pots, Jr's, WPRA, open, etc.) or if you don't compete yet.  It doesn't matter if you are a 12 year old rookie or have been riding for 12 years.  they are more likely to award us a grant if there seems to be a big interest of girls riding and learning to ride at the heart of it.  So list others besides youself if you know any.  You are not signing up for anything, you do not have to do anything, and this is not commmiting you to anything.  It's just a census of information that I know they will want in m,y grant proposal.
   I already have a list of 47 girls, but I don't know the states for all of them, and it would be nice to know how to contact more of you.  The grant money would go into the Women's Roughstock Foundation and be used to help girls get into shows and help them travel to shows.  That way, if there is a competition opportunty that wants 12 girls to ride we can make sure there are 12 girls there to ride.  The money would also go to keeping a web site open and help produce T-shirts and stickers to raise more money.  On the web site we hope to have Info. for upcoming shows, tips on cheap travel ( best places to get tickets etc.) Ways to contact girls for travel partners, practice pens, pictures and updates from shows, T-shirts stickers and girls input.  Also we will display thanks for those who have supported us.  Maybe we could get some training tips from riders you admire.
  Two more things:  Vanessa says there's a lady producer out Michigan/ Ohio way who wants to to put some girls in shows.  She wants to know how many girls would be interested in doing this maybe in July, August or September.  Please contact Vanessa at (269) 591-1542.
Also I  am compiling a list of practice pens around the country.  So far I have a list from Humps and Horns and some from the internet I am looking for more that may not be advertised.  If you would, let us know where you practice and if possible, how to contact them.
   Last but not least;  We are trying to help  and wondering why it is SOOOOOOOOOO difficult to get more than 4 to 6 girls to a show.  Please let us know why many of you girls are not responding when we announce upcoming competition opportunities and try to contact you.  Is it money, travel, your job?  Is it the type of show? (we are all open to considering any opportunities people are willing to offer so tell us about shows you know of too) What is keeping all of us from getting together to get ourselves recognized and make some money?  Don't guess or make assumptions contact us and ask, tell us your concerns.  All of us need to communicate with eachother to know what's really going on.  we need to get a good group of girls out to a few shows together before we know anything about eachother.  Also how will contractors knoew what to bring for shows with girls if they don't see us ride.
   We are not trying to be producers or agents.  We are not yet an association. We do not get any money out of getting girls into shows.  We are riders too.  WE JUST WANT TO FIND A WAY TO TO GET A BUNCH OF US OUT THERE COMPETING TOGETHER SO PEOPLE WILL SEE US, NOTICE US AND INVITE US TO MORE SHOWS.  THAT'S THE WAY WE WILL EVENTUALLY GET RECOGNITION FOR OUR SKILL AND ATTRACT SPONSORSHIP FOR GROUPS, GIRLS AND SHOWS.
  Wouldn't you like to have the opportunity to ride in not only jack pots and the open shows that will let you enter, and the random and rare WPRA show at anywhere from $200 to the rare $1000 added,but to ride in a whole bunch of other shows sanctioned and unsanctioned @$1500 to $2000 always added, most of which have money just for the girls.  We have created this interest we should take advantage of it. With all of them, there would be more shows than we could all go to. Most right now only require 8 to 10 girls. You could pick and choose, as long as there are enough girls for each show.  There seem to be plenty of girls out there. We just need to show people that when they want to host girls that the girls WILL SHOW UP. We really are wasting offers right now 2 to 4 girls won't cut it.
  In closing, we need some help and guidece getting the Foundation incorporated.  Also we want your input, any good design ideas or good slogans for T-shirts etc.  Any people you know who might be willing to work with girls, any ideas for raising money, and any shows you think might do a good job working wit girls.  Also IF we DO get on Deal or No Deal, much of the money will go to the same things mentioned in the grant disscussion.  Plus we may be able to research insurance and membership and actually becomming an association.  NOT JUST FOR ALL GIRLS SHOWs, for groups of girls riding out there being hosted in men's shows and random other shows.  Simply an association for female bullriders, no matter what shows they are riding in. So cross your fingrers.  If any of you are crazy enough, you could send lots of letters to the network saying "We want to see Lorett Guzman-Mills and the lady bullriders on Deal or No Deal ( the main application is in my name) the address is  Deal or No Deal casting    P.O. Box 1916 Culver City , California     90232.    But none of this will be worth anything if we can't get girls organized to go to shows together.

Note: most of the events that are offerd to the WRF require that you are 18 or older, there are some exceptions.