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Women Bull Riders Only

Hit the drit, Get the dirt

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When I can keep up with it, this is where I'll put the news...

Jan, 31, 2010 Ok ladys, here is what I have got. This was posted on the WRF myspace a few hours ago ALL LADIES BULLRIDING SCHOOL WITH DAVID BERRY IN OK JULY 9-11! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO!! their e-mail is on my home page. I have met David Berry, and when it comes to bull riding, I have nothing but respect for him. My brother, and lady bullriding friend Blaire C. get on his stock all the time. Come on out, it will be worth it!

I don't always go to my brothers rodeos, but I did last saturday. And what I saw was the most girls at one Jr even that I have seen in the past three years. In my first year of rodeo one of the best youth associations aroud added a "ladys bull riding" Shylo Hasting, and Lacy Rice rode with me, some times we even had young Lexie Brown with us. It only lasted for another year, Shylo and I hurt, Lacy retired. There is another well knowen youth association in northeast Oklahoma that welcomes girl to ride with the boys. It was Lexie that started this weekend event at the JBR in Kellyvill OK. Her ride did not last long on the paint steer, her hand was still in the rope. She fell under the steer and he walked all over her. Lexie's hand popped free and she got up. She is tuff. When the last event came around, the 21 & under bull rideing, every there knew that there was two young women behind the chutes, ready to get on. Kaylynn Pellam, walked all over the guys last year. The tall Blond is quiet. I could not see her in the chute very well. She came out on a big gray and white bull who staed close to the fence. How she kept with him I do not know, it was a wild ride. Kaylynn was slung about, but she was on him when the buzzer sounded. The other young woman there was Blaire Campbell, whos pritty smile had all the guys going crazy. Blair is a friendly girl, who takes all the guys hanging around her rather well. Her bull was loaded twards the end. I got on the fence so that I could see well. She was all smiles. His was a big brown and white paint. She managed to hold on that first jump, but the ride did not last long. The bull was soon bucking along with out her. But at the end of the night all three had one thing in comon, with the smiles on their faces it was plane to see. They are doing what they love.

Jocelyn Martin Dec,2008